Workplace mediation

Mediation has become an indispensable tool in dealing with workplace disputes.  Without conciliatory intervention, workplace disputes can result in work environments poisoned with conflict, lowered productivity and the loss of effective employees.  Mediation can assist resolve deputes between employees or issues arising between employees and their employer.

Workplace Mediation

Why is Mediation particularly suited to workplace disputes?

  1. Mediation is confidential – disputants get to air and resolve their differences without ‘the entire company knowing’.
  2. An external Mediator is unconnected to the situation and therefore their neutrality and impartiality are guaranteed.
  3. Mediation gives disputants a safe, neutral setting to air their grievances.
  4. Mediation can deal with a workplace dispute without involving other employees or management.
  5. Workplace disputes can often escalate to involve formal procedures; Mediation can intervene before things go ‘too far’.
  6. Mediation assists the parties to communicate more effectively and sets the standard for future conduct.

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