Why Conflict Coaching

Most of us meet at some stage in our life some difficult interpersonal relationships. It may be with a Partner, a spouse, parent/child, a boss or employee or in one of the other myriad social interactions that we humans have on a daily basis. Sometimes we meet difficult challenges with others,  that appear insurmountable. No matter how we try to resolve the issue or issues and move beyond, nothing seems to work.  The relationship inevitably breaks down and we can end up in the blame game and avoid dealing with the person or the situation, maybe even end up in court.  These unresolved conflicts leave all parties angry and disempowered and locked in a  dynamic which creates an atmosphere of fear and distrust which may be detrimental to our health,  mentally, emotionally and physically and erodes our  Creativity, productivity and confidence.

Conflict occurs when we perceive that one or more of our values, needs or aspects of our identity are being challenged, threatened or undermined by another person. When we learn what our triggers are we can learn to become mindful and respond in a new way.

Conflict Management Coaching is a one-on-one process that helps clients improve the way they manage their interpersonal conflicts and disputes – It is a future-oriented process that helps clients work through any challenges to achieving change while focussing on their specific goals.

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